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As it often happens down South, a casual chat between neighbors in a porch swing

grew into a simple plan to build a brighter future for their families. Jorge Lagueruela and John Kennedy shook hands that day, anteed up venture capital of $1000 and the two friends formed Trinity Furniture in March 1984.

NeoCon 1998 marked the international debut of Trinity's furniture collections for distribution to the commercial furniture industry. Of particular pride was that all products were designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in America in their growing state-of-the-art facility. Upon John Kennedy's retirement in 2002, Jorge Lagueruela became sole owner of a business growing at a rapid pace. To keep up, the facility grew to over 100,000 sq.ft of integrated furniture manufacturing space; incorporating prototype / engineering, woodworking, upholstery and finishing departments.

Even with a breadth of products for healthcare applications, universities and schools, corporate, judicial and public spaces, Trinity understands that customer furniture requirements can be very specific. So in keeping with their humble beginnings, every effort is made to provide custom solutions. Fast forward to April, 2011, when during another casual chat, now between father and daughter, a decision was made for Megan Lagueruela to join the firm. Trinity Furniture's future is indeed bright, as it now involves two generations of Lagueruelas sharing a steadfast commitment to producing quality products at a good value with a high level of customer service.