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Adam and Alice Leshem came to America in 1968 with $20 and a burning dessire to build

a new life. While studying for an engineering degree, Adam designed and handcrafted a unique metal-frame drafting table that, when not in use, could be folded and stored away

in a closet or under the bed in their small apartment. He was so proud of his folding table

that he applied for and was granted a US design patent.


In 1973, Adam decided that it was time to share his innovative design with the marketplace. so he founded Lesro Industries to manufacture and sell his table. Working incredibly long hours with only a handful of employees, the company struggled to find customers and make ends meet. Gradually Adam's passion and perseverance paid off - sales increased and Lesro expanded to meet the growing demand.

As the years passed and drafting table sales plateaued, Adam began looking for new opportunities and new products to grow his business. In the autumn of 1986, Adam and his eldest son, Jerry, produced their first chair - from solid oak - and Lesro was now in the seating business. Although challenging to break into, this new market segment offered great opportunities.

Today, Lesro Industries, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of reception seating and tables, headquartered in a 268,000 square foot facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Its success is built on the principles of trustworthiness and responsiveness to customers' needs.

Adam remains involved in the business, along with two of his three sons, Jerry and Ed,

who have assumed key leadership positions in the company. About 100 "extended" members of the Lesro family come to work each day to play a vital roles as part of the Lesro team.

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