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Moving Design

We believe in the sense of movement at HOWE; the idea that what we do is not

only moving the levels of craftsmanship or the confinements within design but also

the people who use it every day. This is why all chairs and tables from HOWE offer

impeccable functionality. You can fold them. You can stack them. You can roll them

any way that you want, optimizing the spaces in which we work, think, study and

communicate. Just as you can feel comfort in them; the look, the originality, the way

form follows function to the very last detail. Time and time again. We are HOWE

and we believe in moving design. Since 1928.


Functional Design

Taking the inspiration from the influential Bauhaus-movement, designs from HOWE

continue to combine simplicity and functionality with a focus on timeless originality.

In every moving detail. This is why our furniture stacks, folds, rolls and creates

flexible solutions like no other designs in the world.

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