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Since 1980, OFGO STUDIO has been a comprehensive manufacturer of office

furniture with experience in creating high performance workplace environments
that fulfill the changing needs of the marketplace.

We embrace research and design to bring innovative ideas, products, and services
to the North American furniture marketplace.

OFGO STUDIO represents a unique culture: a genuine fellowship of equals.

Our philosophy of friendship and excellence is reflected in the beauty and the

craftsmanship of our products.

Our mission is to create the highest quality products at a reasonable cost because
we believe that everyone deserves the best - and we can easily define how we

deliver value by offering superior construction methodologies that surpass all others.

Our manufacturing practices are built around the process of made-to-order design flexibility. In doing so we operate in a manner in which we have the capability to

manage projects of various scale and scope while still remaining nimble and flexible.

Many of the products we build start around the premise of flexibility and allow for

endless space planning possibilities. This made-to-order design philosophy allows
our customers to create a space that embraces their corporate culture.

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