About Copa Contract
Our Independent Representative firm has served the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska since 1987. Originally named Cascade Office Products Associates, inspired by the distinctive mountain vistas of the Pacific Northwest, our corporate identity transitioned in 1993 to the acronym COPA Contract to further reflect our exclusive representation of contract furnishings.

With 25+ years in business as independent representatives, we embrace that it is "integrity, human understanding, and passion" that sustains success for any business. This gives us a business focus to have honor with the manufacturers we represent and to build partnerships with commercial furniture dealerships and the design community. We also realize that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care…and this is what we do to make a difference. “About us” collaborates what sustains any business - the long term honor and partnerships that we develop - the difference to care for great customer service - and offering purposeful furniture design solutions to inspire and enhance any professional environment. "This is the hallmark to our success".

With over 50+ combined years, COPA Contract has veteran experience working in the corporate, educational, healthcare, government and hospitality environments. 

Paul Gajewski and Scott D. Bruce are equal and principal partners that started the rep group, and remain as a strong sales and marketing team today. Located in the major metropolitan regions of Seattle, WA (Paul’s location) and Portland, OR (Scott’s location) are Principal Partners to offer rapid and personal response to the two main population centers…while also providing a geographical balance of operations to better serve the other valued regions of the Pacific Northwest Territory.

COPA Contract stands ready to assist dealers, designers, ergonomists, health / safety advisors, or facility managers with projects to satisfy the needs of a corporation with 500 employees, or even as small as an individual user. It is our intent to generate a synergy that leads to success from the introduction of a product to the actual implementation with the final end user.                  

At COPA Contract, we put EXCEL into EXCELLENCE!